Chance The Ambassador?

Chance The Rapper has been putting on for the city since the start of his career.

Chance is known for being a big fan of the Chicago White Sox, and the team is making it known that the feelings are mutual. Just last week he has had the opportunity to do a couple collaborations for the team.

He started with the narration of the team’s new “Pump Up” video, in which you can check out here.

He also teamed up with New Era to release limited edition redesigned versions of the team’s cap, which comes in three different designs. The limited edition hats can be found at

To top it off, Chance threw the first pitch to kick off the 2016 season for the White Sox.

With an AMAZING video for “Angels” ft. SABA and a mixtape set to drop this month, I’m excited to see what Chance has in store for us.

“Make a hat, Throw a strike, Hit them folks” – Lil Chano From 79th


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