Chance The Rapper Slammed by New York Post

Just yesterday, Phil Mushnick, writer for New York Post, questioned the White Sox’s partnering decisions with Chicago rapper, Chance The Rapper, because of his music.

There has been plenty of talk about the work Chance The Rapper has been doing for the MLB team, Chicago White Sox. First it was the hats, then it was him narrating the team’s “Pump Up” video, then it was him throwing the first pitch of the season. Last week, there was also talk about the Chicago White Sox possibly partnering with Chance, making him the team’s Ambassador.

These are all wonderful things of course, but New York Post writer, Phil Mushnick disagrees. In his article, Mushnick provides lyrics from Chance’s music and asks if certain people would feel comfortable reciting them.

It becomes more disturbing when Mushnick writes, “Chance’s real name is Chancelor Bennett; he’s 22, unmarried with a child, grew up in suburban Chicago,” using this prove his point.

Sure enough, Chance has definitely been very charitable. He’s been advocating to stop the violence in Chicago and helping keep the city’s homeless people warm. With awards such as, Outstanding Youth of the Year and Chicagoan of the Year, I don’t think Mushnick’s evidence is strong enough.

You can find Mushnick’s full article here.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let us know.

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