Kiraly Payne – Pressure

Kiraly Payne is a hip-hop artist who has become very popular amongst the Chicago scene. He has been labeled as one of Chicago’s “Be On The Lookout” artists for his consistent release in music and the excessive amount of attention he’s received over the past few years.

Kiraly has opened and performed for some of Chicago’s very own artists such as Logan Cage & Lil Bibby within just this year alone. This past February, Kiraly released his official EP entitled, “Road To Royalty”, which was also featured on 50 Cent’s hip-hop website, ThisIs50.comScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.26.30 PM.png

Road To Royalty“contains a set of 6 songs that were mostly produced by Kiraly himself but contained contributions from producers ILLA, Willy Noize, King Jorey, & OnGuad. “Annihilation” featuring Chicago artist Frank Leone, became Kiraly’s leading single from the EP which is reaching the peak of 10k listens on Soundcloud (listen below).

Tonight, Kiraly Payne has released his first track, “Pressure [Prod. by ILLA]” since the debut of “Road To Royalty”. With his intangible flow, Kiraly delivers yet again another unique track that showcases and sets the bar of his talents in the rap & hip-hop music.


Check out Kiraly’s new track, “Pressure [Prod. by ILLA]” below.

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