Introducing: TLNTD

Cf29CPXW8AABHeA.jpg-largeTLNTD, also formally know as “TalentedAsKB”, is a Chicago artist on the rise from the underground scene who has a lot to contribute to hip-hop world. The Chicago artist TLNTD is both a rapper and singer who has been making music for over a year now & as of late, it seems as if he has finally found his perfect sound. In the past, TLNTD released a mixtape on Soundcloud entitled, “At The Crib Wit My OG“. This  project according to TLNTD, “represents a double entendre; OG as a strand of marijuana & OG as in slang for “Mother.” It is also transition from my first project.” He then expressed his view on the impact he intended to push with his project, “I want it to motivate and inspire listeners to pursue there ideas in life and create what they want and do it your way.

avatars-000208564850-3imd1n-t500x500TLNTD’s latest work has received a good range of attention on his soundcloud with over 5k listens on every one of his latest tracks. Each of his songs display an eclectic sound range from tracks such as “Wish You Well“, “STYLIN“, “Life” & “Silhouette“. TLNTD is also very close to one of our previous talked about artists, Smino. TLNTD and Smino have two songs together, one from the “At The Crib Wit My OG” project entitled “Take Off” and a newer track entitled “Fwiendz”. With TLNTD’s unique and attractive sound, he could potentially be one of  today’s finest artists out of Chicago.

Check out some of his music below.You can find more of TLNTD’s music on his soundcloud at

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